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On August 10, 2016, Rolf Lang Dresden presented to the public an important new product.

It took more than three years of development and design, comparison of old models of marine chronometer by Lange & Söhne and further search of relevant manufacturers — but it made 10th of August exciting in every sense.

And now, we tighten the last screw of pendulum mechanism. One rapid rotation – and the unique design marine chronometer starts its precise time count!

A dream we cherished for decades has finally come true. The construction recreated by old drawings started working…

Individual mechanism elements production started 3 years ago when I was non-stop designing and improving collection of men’s watch, polished parts and assembled new model of marine chronometer.

As the escapement mechanism specialist, I, of course, found it natural to supplement the classic cardanic suspension-based marine chronometer, marked as no. 1, with a traditional pocket tourbillon with stopper escapement mechanism, several movement patterns and a luxurious chronometer with highly complex mechanics and movement pattern, still at assembly stage.

Magnificent uniform motion of a massive bimetallic pendulum made with the best traditions of 19th century craftsmen and distinctive Drezdendesign will never get a spectator bored.

Before I grew 25 years old, I was really into history of English chronometers, especially life and achievements of a brilliant self-learner John Harrison. I was fascinated how precise Harrison’s mechanisms are, especially H4 chronometer. With daily deviation of 0.08 second for 62 days, and, by results of another check performed in 1764, 0.8 second in 47 days, the H4 model was 400 times more precise than the best clock of its era.

H4 is even 165 times more precise than today’s high class watch by all recognized manufacturers.

Nobody could explain how did Harrison manage to achieve such values — neither in past, nor today. Despite of numerous attempts by experts to find a reasonable explanation to the Harrison’s phenomenon, H4 is still a marvelous miracle for keen devotees.

By making the new marine chronometer (now complete), the small company Rolf Lang Dresden acting with the best traditions of Dresden businessmen, became the world leading manufacturer of precision watch. Our distinctive feature is use of ancient escapement mechanisms which is unique for the market.

Although the production of precision watch looks outdated compared to the operating worldwide GPS system, there are still more than enough customers who appreciate luxuries (in the proper sense of the word) which are high-class hand-made timepieces with marvelous mechanics.

Now you can make your dream true and add this model of marine chronometer in your collection. You will definitely enjoy daily observation of this high-precision tool no matter whether it’s used at a yacht or for house decoration.

This luxury article can be furnished by your special preferences. We are ready to meet you at any time by prior agreement.

Sincerely yours,
Rolf Lang.

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