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Living in a peaceful and affluent part of the world, we enjoy the best of modern life. Let us never forget, though, what creative and adventurous people have done in the past. 240 years ago, Captain James Cook was sailing around the world discovering far-flung places and claiming them for the British Empire. He was only able to do so thanks to the “H4″ Marine Chronometer of John Harrison, which showed him exactly the right time (with a difference of only a few seconds over the whole trip).

Rolf Lang Dresden GmbH, a German manufacturer of exclusive timepieces, is proud to present today the most exclusive marine chronometer in the world – «GOLDEN H» in memory of John Harrison’s «H4».

The limited edition consists of only 5 pieces worldwide, one unique piece for each time zone, and is made of solid 18 carat gold with exclusive rare Venetian Murano glass in the globe shell and suspended in a massive gold gimbal to compensate for the movement of the ocean wave.

Exclusivity. The first (!) marine chronometer in the world with a Murano Glass unfolding housing and disseminated values. Such products appear in the world market no more than once every 100 years!

Prestige. Custom selection: production output of GOLDEN H chronometers is limited. In total, there are 5 products in the whole world.

German Quality. All 985 parts of GOLDEN H chronometer are made, polished and assembled manually, with absolutely no industrial assembly. 100% Made in Germany.

Value. It takes 6 kg of pure gold to produce one chronometer… It can also be ordered in silver or platinum.

Accuracy. The production accuracy of the parts is 2…3 µm, it is almost 100 times thinner than a human hair! Assembly is done by a fourth-generation watchmaker, who is invited by internationally renowned museums to restore their timepiece rarities, and this results in a chronometer with exemplary accuracy movement: only 1 sec/week. The timepiece is designed completely in-house.

Warranties. All Rolf Lang chronometers are covered by a lifetime warranty. It means that you can effectively use them your whole life, your children and grandchildren will inherit them as a very valuable rarity.


This is solid gold with three accessorial plates; all three are with ceramic coating, jeweled with diamonds; the pointers are made of solid gold.


Power reserve
Date with correction
24-hours indicator


Diameter: 53 mm.
Jewels: 20 rubies, plus 1 attachable diamond on balance.
Period of balance beating: 18,000 semi-beats per second.
Power reserve: 72 hours, with indicator.
Gold-plated decorated mechanism device with manual engraving.

Gauge case

The casing is assembled, and the cardanic mechanism is made of solid 750/1000 rose gold.
Diameter: 80 mm.

Outer envelope

Entirely made of 750/1000 rose gold.

The parts of the sphere within and without are coated with dark-blue Venice Murano glass with small parts of solid leaf gold, and the sphere within is cream-white interspersed with gold.

The base part mechanism opens the five-element sphere which makes a quarter turn.

Six gold leaves beneath also make a quarter turn but in the opposite direction.

The chronometer cardanic suspension is within a sphere consisting of five elements: while the sphere is opened, the chronometer rises from the case towards the observer.

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