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“Creative team”

The members of our gifted team work as harmoniously as the mechanical parts of their eminent watches. Due to their energy and passion for the project, they create innovative masterpieces. They eagerly use both their numerous generations of watchmakers’ deep knowledge as well as the newest ideas of young watchmaking masters.

Please welcome our new Director of Marketing

We are very pleased to announce that John Mullen has joined us as director of marketing as of 1st February 2018.

John will be leading the marketing and sales department and we are very excited to have him onboard.

John previously worked at several Swiss investment banks in Zurich. He is a native of Northern Ireland and has been living in Switzerland for approx. 35 years. He is a very keen watch enthusiast and thoroughly enjoys presenting our products to potential clients.

Please direct any questions regarding our fabulous new product line or future events to John.

We at Rolf Lang GmbH are thrilled to have John working with us and we wish him much success in his new professional career.

41 79 694 86 71     johnmullen@bluewin.ch

Irina and Anna Lang

As in every true family enterprise, Irina Lang and her daughter Anna also work for their family business. Their important role is the finishing of the watches, their completion, and creation of the watches’ gloss and splendour. Traditional polishing of the tin plates used in our details plays its own significantly important part and requires a great deal of precision.

Marcus Werner

Mechanical engineer Marcus Werner has been working for the company since its foundation in 2013 as an engineer constructor and manufacture prototypes designer. Besides, Marcus is in charge of media design of the trademark Rolf Lang Dresden. Marcus is responsible for photography and the website, as well as other media and advertising.

Andre Rammer

Watchmaker apprentice, Andre Rammer is responsible for watch assembly. He works with carefully selected pieces – a maximum of four pairs of plates. He is demanding in his attitude to old watches as well; especially when there is a special order for a significant watch restoration.

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