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Final adjustment according to Alfred Helwig

Our unique system of adjustment is inspired by the historical experience and knowledge of Alfred Helwig (1886 – 1974). Mr Helwig was an outstanding watchmaker of the German School of Watchmaking Crafts, Glashütte. Alfred Helwig specialised in watches’ fine adjustment as well as the principle of tourbillion.

The adjustment system, created by A. Helwig, which has not been applied in watches before, highlights our mechanism with its specific hand-made character. Its philosophy is presented below:


While wrenching clamping screw S (with hack head) the stud spring H, affected by leveler, provides sufficient clamping force F, which affects the stud K. Such clamping is beneficial compared to regular systems, as the clamping screw remains in the lower, more massive part of balance cock. Thus, while mounting hair spring it is impossible to harm sensible balance shaft or balance spring under the pressure caused by clamp joint tightening. Apart from this, clamping screw of bigger size can be used, which will provide much higher safety in case of unwilled slipping or break.

Helwig System of precise adjustment

Classical device for precise adjustment, equipped with swan-neck-spring S is put into practice together with new adjusting bracket A.
Bracket’s centre is located not in the middle of antistrike device, but in support point L, on the edge of balance cock. Due to swan-neck-spring S tensile force bracket is pressed to precise adjustment screw F and consequently has fixed position. The resulting benefit is a very fast reaction of the system for the movement of adjustment screw F. It is substantiated by the frictional force of installation places. Whereas Helwig System is more characterized by point friction, at the regular ring location of the pointer of stroke adjuster R the friction is much more intensive (zones, marked by red). This condition can lead to the situation, when bracket adjustment will be performed only by jerk or with a delay, which will complicate the extremely sensitive adjustment of efficient length of balance spring. Enlarged or displaced pivot point diameter of the Helwig System can be easily fixed due to the fitting up of a rounded balance spring edge. Our product practically confirmed the theory of Alfred Helwig, that his system can be adjusted more accurately and makes adjustment more precise in general.

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