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In recent 50 years, we have turned into our own watchmaking manufacture.

After 5 decades of creating and producing watches Rolf Lang has become the founder and owner of his own watchmaking manufacture “Rolf Lang Dresden”, a remarkable however small enterprise. Experience as well as profound knowledge of different stages of life create that basis necessary for an independent manufacture in order to produce watches in accordance with the genuine handicraft tradition. Furthermore, Mr Lang pays a lot of attention to sharing his experience with the next generations.

Way of development

One of the last watchmaking manufactures with traditional handicraft

In 2013, a new watchmaking manufacture opened in the very heart of Saxony, deliberately named after its majestically beautiful capital. From the historical point of view that is the place where the source of high quality watchmaking handicraft is situated. In 1945 the Centre moved to Glashütte, a place well known around the world. Another reason is connected with The Dresden Mathematical and Physical Society (Mathematisch – Physikalischer Salon) where the watchmaker Rolf Lang spent a considerable number of years restoring watches for the Free State.


Cooperation of the watch makes

Marketing / sale

Own watch manufacture

The Saxon attitude to the manufacture details

100% – handmade. Made in Germany

The Dresden Mathematical and Physical Society (Mathematisch – Physikalischer Salon)

Work in a well-tried team

Our mighty second to none team

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