Rolf Lang watchmaker is one of the latest workhouses with traditional handicraft. All watch parts are produced, polished, assembled and adjusted only in manual way. No industrial assembly! Made in
Germany for sure.

All models of the Rolf Lang watches have self-design watch-work that is in practice a rare exception to the rules: overwhelming majority of famous brands use watch-works of other producers.

The production accuracy of the parts is 2…3 µm, it is almost 100 times thinner than a human hair! The watches with ideal accuracy movement are obtained in consequence of assembling such parts by the fourth-generation watchmaker, who is invited by the best museums in the world for restoration of rarities.

The Rolf Lang watches have warranty life for at least 20 years! In fact, people effectively use them their whole life, their children and grandchildren inherit them as a very expensive rarity.

Our manufacture
Have a look at our manufacture and meet our small team.

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Mechanics and handicraft
Welcome to admire our exquisite mechanics and traditional handicraft skills. Get to know more.

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Let us introduce you our handmade works of art to experience real admiration.

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The Fair Events

Meet us in person and visit our stand at the Fair.

We would be delighted to meet you!
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Central office

Points of sale

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